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KAT-TUN #realface project

Hi everyone! 

Alright so on 22nd March 2010, KAT-TUN turned 4 years old ever since debut. My first twitter project with you guys and it was oh so totally cool. Plus I met some fellow fangirls who I can communicate with, because those people me ain't no fans of them. -__-

(omg my alternate accounts are @serened_ and @hi_redlady)

Anyway, I guess Kamenashi-san was aware of the project? Or at least saw it yeah. He was so happy when he tweeted~ But I nevertheless hope we get mentioned some where, tokyograph or japan_news or some JE-website.

Time for the images! :D

Here's one of the RTs I started, LOL, I was shocked at the RTs but at least they helped increased the number of tweets for the hashtag. Minna-san, otsukaresama desu!

Over here was when #realface was at its peak. I believe 4th was the top since I could go like "#imthekindofperson who listens to #kattun, my favourite song is #realface and it is #nowplaying on my playlist" (close an eye to the #MJis please -.-) Credits to whoever ss-ed it, thanks so much.

Another of my tweet, to the 2 guys with twitter that is. I totally ROFL-ed at the part I went "oh yeah this is international". Come to think of it, DUH INTERNATIONAL TRENDS WHAT. I think there was one more tweet where I tagged both of them to wthashtag.com so that they can check the stats. 

And this, the screenshot from wthashtag.com 46000 tweets, more than 1000 contributors, hell yeah. 
Look at how much the tweets leaped from green to yellow (green as in almost thing). Tweets came in as hundreds. 185 tweets in one minute, this proofs us. There came one point when I got lazy to think of what to tweet, I just RT everyone else' tweets.

Oh this, I think it's one of the websites' head banner. HI LOOK, #REALFACE IS UP THERE AND JB IS NOT. Ya guys notice how JB stays on the trending topics and never gets off it? Gosh. In addition, World Water Day and the healthcare issues clashes with #realface and I was quite worried about the TTs. Other people who had not heard of KAT-TUN tweeting was cool too. 

I'm looking forward to the end of CTKT now. (as much as i'm excited i really don't want it to end) On the other hand, I'm having a marathon with myself and am watching it right now, I'm already at Episode 19, I'm thinking how I can complete all the episodes (151 or 152 eh @_@) That's like 70 hours or something.

Once again, otsukare, everyone! Thank you for all your effort~ Everyone spamming and having multiple accounts and hitting twitter's limit and etc. Now it's #cartoonkt for the last episode of CTKT. (no more ueda sandals for me) I'll be waiting for it to be on youtube or dramacrazy, ahhhhh.

ONCE ONCE AGAIN, Happy 4th Anniversary to KAT-TUN since debut, Happy 9th years old of being together under Johnny's. :D This is just the start, you break records, your fans break records for you too and hopefully the TTUN will be getting twitter soon~



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