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Cos Con 09

*public post and edited.

I was supposed to be freaking mugging for UT3.
In the end I woke up at 2.22pm and dragged my feet down to Suntec. Managed to reach when the cosplay competition starts. Saw some logically acceptable cosplays too. I shall keep a look out for it on sgcafe :3

On the other hand, I was fed philosophy in the mornings till 3am or 4am. My brain's drained and I don't look forward to tomorrow's module. :\ 

On the way I was like "Hell yeah, shopping for Lelouch doujins and etc!~" I wanted to spend SGD20 only even though I know it's impossible. :\ Spent SGD69.90 to be exact. Got out of that place asap, I mean. What if I continue spending?!

White shirt: Yea first purchase :3 Too bad it's 2 sizes too big for me. And I thought L would do just fine. D< I don't want to be mistaken as a hiphop dancer in RP like, again.

-ran out to search for ATM, want to draw 20 again but the machine fed me 50 instead-

Lelouch shirt(hehe) and CG DVD: Oh  get the shirt and get the DVD at 10SGD. I REPEAT, 10SGD. I would like enlightenment as to why the DVD's NC16 though. -points to bottom left hand corner- :( Oh Charis, favourite outfit of Lelouch :3 Not to mention whatever's included in the DVD extras is totally a worthy kill. Textless opening and ending. And it's official that Sally's irritated over my fangirlism over Lelouch.

Zhang Jingna Postcard Collection: I've always wanted to get one. I'm a happy girl now and I'm thinking of using the postcards for my classmates since the semester is like, ending. More at www.zhangjingna.com

Random photo print: I thought I'll get something from this guy since I signed up for his mailing list as well. I wanna put it up on my wall as well (Y) 


Aug. 17th, 2009 05:26 am (UTC)
Apparently the only black shirt I saw had the geass on it. I guess it was already sold out because this grey one I got is actually the last one.

LOL when I saw CG there, I practically ran over. XD That guy was like '...how.. can I help you?' Should have gotten some domo-kun shirts too :\

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